Current Group Members

Dr. Wilson in a corn field, examining a plant from a research plot.

Dr. Melissa Wilson

Principal Investigator (PI). Melissa is an assistant professor and Extension Specialist in manure management and water quality. she/her/hers

Staff members

Scott Cortus with the University of Minnesota mascot, the Golden Gopher.

Scott Cortus

Field research manager.



A photo of Hatley Christensen.

Hatley Christensen

Lab manager. 




Jason Leonard chipping corn.

Jason Leonard

Field crew liason.





Sam Strack

Lab assistant.

Eddie Alto

Lab and field assistant.

Ph.D. Students

Grad student Manny Sabbagh in the field collecting soil samples.

Manny Sabbagh

Graduate student, Ph.D. in Land and Atmospheric Science. Manny's project involves integrating cover crops and manure to improve soil health.



A photo of Nancy Bohl Bormann.

Nancy Bohl Bormann

Graduate student, Ph.D. in Land and Atmospheric Science. Nancy will be helping to create and manage a new, dynamic manure nutrient database.



M.S. Students

Luis Allen, a graduate student in the lab.

Luis Allen

Graduate student, M.S. in Land and Atmospheric Science w/ minor in Water Resources Science. For his research, Luis is evaluating best management practices for winter manure application.




  • Kasia Ulanowski